- Books

- Care, Support, & Community
       - Encouragement & Counseling
       - Help for Missionary Moms
       - Support Groups

- Church Planting
- Community Development
       - Economics & Agriculture
       - Healthcare
       - Solar Technology
- Deputation
       - Ministry Partner Development
       - Mission Fests & Conferences
       - Fundraising
       - Prayer Support
- Ethnic Resources
       - Contextualization
       - Cultural Specific Tools
- Ethnomusicology

- Furlough Needs
       - Clothes & Personal Items
       - Housing / Hospitality Networks
       - Retreats
       - Vehicles / Transportation
- Health & Safety
       - Health Insurance
       - Medical Care
       - Security Abroad
- International Travel
       - Airline Booking
       - Embassy & Visa
       - Evacuations
       - Safety
       - Travel Insurance

- Maps & Country Info
       - Country Fact Sheets
       - Country Maps
        - Country Profiles
       - World Maps
- Media Ministry Tools
       - Audio Scriptures
       - Conceptualized Bible Pictures
       - Downloadable Media
       - Media & Movies
       - Mobile Ministry Tools
- Mission & Global News
       - Global Mission News
       - World News Updates
- MK / TCK
       - Homeschooling
       - Third Culture Kid Resources
- Missions for Kids
       - Global Crafts & Games
       - Mission Focused Fun

- Prayer Resources
       - Prayer Calendars

- Research Information
       - Evangelical Statistics
       - Online Directories
       - People Group Profiles
       - Unreached People Groups
- Services
       - International Shipping
       - Networking
       - Tax Consultants

- Short-Termers
       - Finding Short-Termers
       - Orientation & Hosting
       - Debriefing
- Spiritual Warfare
         - Informative Books
        - Prayer Combat Tools

- Teaching Resources

- Technical
       - Computer Tech Support
       - Internet / Email Assistance
       - Missionary Websites
       - Online Networking
- Training
       - Discipleship Training
        - Missionary Training
        - Scholarships for Missionaries

- Transitions
       - Crossroads
       - Culture Shock
       - Re-entry

- Miscellaneous

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Christian Missionary Resource

Great resources that are especially or exclusively for people engaged in overseas missions or cross-cultural ministry!

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Mission Bible Class

Free resources for sharing God’s Word with children

Looking for resources for teaching kids about the Bible? This website has free resources that require minimal or no materials.

Perfect for short-termers or teachers who need to put together a study quickly with minimal supplies to use with multiple age or mixed aged groups.

Teaching Resources
Jesus’ Stories for Us in Africa
The parables of Jesus retold for the African context. Also includes study guide questions to encourage group discussions
A great resources for those working in the oral, story-telling cultures of Africa.

Purchase the Kindle book on Amazon (English only!)

Published copies available in French and English.

for information
Ethnic Jesus Pictures
Find a good selection of pictures that portray Jesus (and Bible stories) in a way that is contextualized to specific ethnic groups.

Bible Visuals is a not-for-profit ministry that exists to produce and provide visualized curriculum to ministry partners worldwide for the purpose of


A great resource if you’re working with an illiterate audience!

The New Life Bible

This is perhaps the most readable and most understandable Bible in existence without sacrificing accuracy.

Translated into an 850 word vocabulary. Not a paraphrase. Excellent for those who speak English as a second language.

Holy Bible: New Life Version

ISBN: 0-913201-60-X

Available for purchase at:

Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

Gospel Publishing Mission


New Tribes Mission has chronological Bible pictures available for purchase.

Africa Bible Commentary

The African Study Bible
Developed by Africans for Africans
The Proclaimer is a digital player that is preloaded with and Audio Bible recording (usually New Testament), available in over 800 languages.
Powered by a built-in solar panel or through an AC adaptor. Highly durable – made to last in harsh climates and rough conditions.
The Proclaimer has really good speakers, making it ideal for use in group settings or small group Bible studies.
Cell Phone
Using Modern Technology to Spread the Gospel
50 key stories of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, for evangelism & discipleship, in text, audio, and video, on any mobile phone. Open copyrights.

Multi-Language Media

Scriptures, Christian books, Bible Studies, CD’s, DVD’s in a wide selection of languages.